Scholarships in New Mexico

Going to college can be expensive and let’s face it, not everyone can afford it all from their pockets. A student’s college financial need may vary from person to person. The kind of school you plan to attend and the career you wish to embark would largely influence your financial need.

In New Mexico, there are various college scholarships that are offered by the state, different schools and from private people or organizations.

To help you finance your college education, here are various scholarships in New Mexico that you may apply for. The scholarships listed are specific to people living in New Mexico.

  • New Mexico Legislative Scholarship. High school graduates and those who have General Education Diploma can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is not based on a person’s financial need. It is recommended though not needed that one will complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It pays for the whole tuition and is offered by the New Mexico Higher Education Department.
  • Alan Johnston Memorial Scholarship. Awards $1000 for chosen students with a GPA of at least 3.25 and SAT and ACT scores of at least 1350 and 19 respectively. Offered by the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation.
  • College Affordability Grant. From the New Mexico Higher Education Department, up to $2,000 is awarded to students with financial need. Student must enroll to 6 credit hours per semester and must not have other state scholarships.
  • BNSF Foundation Scholarship. This is from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society for students who have major in the following areas: math, business engineering, natural and physical sciences, education, technology and health/medicine administration. $2500 is awarded.
  • Education Trust Board Pathways Scholarship. High school graduates who are resident of New Mexico with a GPA of 3.25 or higher, filed for FAFSA and have an Expected Family Contribution of 0-1000 on the SAR can apply. Offered by New Mexico Higher Education Department, award may vary from person to person.
  • Excel Staffing Companies Scholarships for Excellence in Continuing Education. Given by the Albuquerque Community Foundation (ACF), Albuquerque residents who are at least 21 years old may apply.
  • Leadership Scholarship. The Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation offers this scholarship with $2500 award to students with GPA, SAT and ACT scores of at least 3.25, 1250 and 19 respectively. An essay and two recommendation letters are required.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation. Scholarship of up to $7500 is awarded by the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation for permanent residents of New Mexico and other select counties. Some scholarships may be available on some areas of study only.
  • New Mexico Children of Deceased Veterans Scholarships. The New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Services is offering scholarship award of tuition plus stipend for ages 16-26 applicants with a veteran parent who was killed in action or died due to injury sustained in battle.
  • Toby Wright Scholarship. Students ages 16-25 with a parent who was either killed or injured in an accident due to work which caused financial hardship may apply.

Other scholarships are also available. You can check scholarships offered by the college you plan to attend at for their respective scholarships and grants.