National, State and Area Scholarships

There are so many reasons why it is advantageous for one to apply for a scholarship grant. For one, free or almost free college education is a blessing at a time where the price of almost everything is rising. Getting picked from thousands of applicants for a prestigious academic scholarship for example, gives more weight to one’s curriculum vitae. You are convinced that applying for a scholarship is the way to go, but what kind of scholarship should you aim for? What grants do you qualify for and how do you get them? Here is list of different kinds of scholarships and what you will most likely be asked for when applying.

Aside from academic scholarships, there are actually a number of grants that one can avail of, depending on one’s skill or talent. Asses yourself and know what area or field you excel in.

  • Athletic scholarships are among the most common grants. If you excel in a certain sport, you can definitely consider this type of grant. Keep in mind that some organizations require good academic standing too so you might want to keep your GPA up.
  • Creative grants for the artistically inclined are also available. Auditions for art, music, and dance scholarships are usually held and committees evaluate you according to your essential credentials.
  • Scholarships for specific groups or minorities in the community can be applied for. Some organizations grant scholarships specifically to women, or single-mother, or students from a certain ethnicity. There are so many grants which have specific targets that one could choose from.
  • Academic scholarship is one of the most sought after because of the prestige and benefits that with it. While this is the most coveted, this is usually the harder ones to win. It is essential to keep academic standing high, extracurricular activities sufficient, and assessment test scores within qualifying limits.

These grants could be availed through:

1. Area scholarships - Local scholarships have been a good way of keeping students within their area. For example, local communities or cities and certain organizations offer scholarship grants to locals. Although these scholarships are usually hard to find and have a limited number, grants such as these are usually easy to avail of because they are focused on residents of an area.

2. State scholarships – These scholarships, merit-based or need-based, are commonly granted. Need-based grants will look into annual incomes and such. Academic based scholarships will usually require you to have high scholastic assessment test scores, good academic standing, and persuasive essays. One good advantage for state scholarships is that, it is realistically easier to attain them than national scholarships.

3. National scholarships – These scholarships are the most thought of and the toughest ones to get. Usually, national scholarships shoulder bigger amount of financial grant. That said, your qualifications must be high because being chosen entails rigorous process and a very stiff competition. Different stages of the process involve exhaustive assessment of qualifications and requirements. Although national scholarships are often hardest to win, they come with great prestige and benefits that are worth all effort given.