Colleges and Universities in New Mexico

New Mexico offers a good number of choices to students who wish to go to college. The state has eight public colleges and seven private institutions offering four-year courses. Aside from these, there are almost 50 different universities and colleges which are mostly technical schools, career-specific schools and community colleges.

With a population having a high percentage of Mexicans and Native Americans, New Mexico is said to be rich in culture thus is home to some art-specialty schools.

Aside from art, colleges and universities in New Mexico offer students a multitude of choices in terms of careers and programs available. Technology-focused programs are dominant in some universities. Beyond it, various degrees, programs and associate degrees are offered across the state.

Here are some of the top colleges and universities in New Mexico.

  • University of New Mexico. As the largest university in the state, the UNM houses more than 18,000 students. The institution is located in Albuquerque and it has been known to be the most prominent research school in New Mexico. Aside from the Albuquerque campus, it also has extension campuses across the state. The university is also known for its excellent engineering program.
  • New Mexico State University. Dubbed as the second largest university in New Mexico, the school was founded in 1888 as an agricultural institution. Continually serving as the only research focused Hispanic-serving school by the federal government, it stands out and serves as one of the leaders in not only in agricultural education but in educational opportunities in general. It is known for its educational value as it provides students with financial needs a quality education.
  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. This university lies in the southwest region and has been known for its engineering, science and technology degrees. Research is an integral aspect of the institution thus undergraduate research is likewise given high importance. It serves a diverse population and continually puts emphasis on engineering, science and natural resources.
  • Eastern New Mexico University. Lying in the eastern border with Texas, this university is a funded public university. It offers quality education as it houses four various colleges as well as graduate school. Its bachelor’s and master’s degrees are what attract students to attend this university as the former can be earned in almost every discipline. It is part of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.
  • Western New Mexico University. Originally founded as a teacher’s institution, the university now offers more than 50 degrees in its undergraduate and graduate programs. There are more than 70 majors to choose from as it continually provides traditional education. The university has a noncompetitive admission policy where almost all who apply to the university are accepted. The university is located at Silver City.
  • Institute of American Indian Art. This is a unique art school in New Mexico. Founded as a tribal college, this school aims to have aspiring American Indian artists attend there. Mainly an art-focused school, it houses a small number of students who are into creative writing, visual communications, new media art and other forms of art.