It’s Never too Early to Start Thinking about College


Middle School Students

High school is where the classes get harder and the experience becomes more intimidating to students and to parents as well. As scary and grueling high school is, for most people, there is certainly just a little time left to think about what they are going to do after this phase in their lives. After all, thinking about and preparing for college are just for the upperclassmen. Or is it?

College preparation entails having to consider a multitude of aspects to be properly and fully geared before embarking on this new journey. You have to figure out where and what you want to study, how to go about scholarship applications and so much more that you often ask when is the right time to think and consider all these things.

Skeptics say that middle school is too early for one to ponder and explore their options for college. In essence, most if not all colleges only look at a student’s grades and other extra-curricular activities from 9th grade onwards. It is then said that students and their parents should do away with pressures on college preparations during middle school years. However, although college is still years away, it is with sound judgment when a practical approach is instituted to help prepare middle school students when high school and eventually college come. The sooner these students think of college-of what they’re interested at and they want to be- the easier for them in formulating their goals and making their choice later on.

High School Seniors

While one can be forgiven when college preparation is overlooked in middle school, high school seniors must already have a skeleton of their future in college. Senior year means college is just around the bend. It is this time that you have already started the college application process. For those who haven’t, there is still time, albeit not much thus you have to move fast. Most colleges host college fairs wherein seniors can get their fair share of idea on the different schools and careers that they can apply for. College preparation can be overwhelming so it is important for seniors not to immediately jump to conclusions and make rushed decisions.


Probably, no time is ever too early for parents to prepare for their children’s college future. After all, college entails not only having to choose which school or what career. College means having to face the reality of college costs. Coming in terms with this reality includes starting college conversation by junior year. College education is considerable more competitive and expensive nowadays. While helping the child achieve success during middle and high school years, which may eligible them for various scholarships, planning for the costs is equally important. Parents should also consider different aspects in helping figure out the college that is rightly fit for their child.